Take in a Movie and a Meal in Austin

Austin has a lot to offer, but a great way to end an iPhone guided tour is to stop off at one of the Alamo Drafthouse theaters scattered around the city of Austin which provide something a little bit special.

To start with the Alamo offers more than just the latest blockbusters.  From classic films to music mash-ups, you will find a huge selection.  As well as just showing these movies you also get sing alongs, quote alongs, and music video mashups.

It doesn’t stop at movies either, each Alamo Drafthouse location provides a fantastic menu of delicious food to accompany your meal, along with a selection of popular and local beers, wines, and cocktails.

What makes the Alamo special for locals and tourist alike is just how unique the Drafthouse is, from the pre-screening ‘quiet’ messages to their selection, you will definitely have a good time.

Your choice of theater is not limited to the Alamo. There are art-house theaters such as the Violet Crown. You can also find plenty of mainstream movies if you just want to catch the latest hit!


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Grab a Coffee In Austin

Austin is a vibrant city to live in, and for work and socializing you can easily spend plenty of time at some of Austin’s local coffee shops.  Going through some iPhone Guided Tours you can always find a place to pick up some delicious coffee, whether you are wanted to site down and work, or chat with friends.

Austin Java is one of Austin’s most famous coffee brands.  With several locations around town you can pick up some fantastic coffee, and some even greater food.  Austin Java provides cozy environments with good beverages to pull you in, and trust me, you will soon be going back for more!

Another home growin location in Austin is Mozarts.  Mozarts roast their coffee on the location, so you will get the freshest cups of coffee in Austin.  With it’s close location to downtown and ladybrid lake, this is perfect for those who want a refreshing drink before or after they walk teh prettiest hike and bike trail in central Austin.

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Cool Things to Do in the Austin Heat

The temperature is hotting up here in Austin, with ever day over the hundreds, the rivers running dry and the population staying in the shade, we are all looking for cool things to do in the Austin Heat. Fortunately Austin is filled with some awesome ways to beat the heat, and still have a great time no matter how high the numbers get this year!

The first cool thing to do in Austin is to go down to Barton Springs, a lot of people know about this, so it can get a little busy, but this cool swimming pool stays at 68 degrees, no matter how hot it gets! Barton Springs is a spring fed pool, complete with rocks, weeds and more.  While the first time a strand of plant-life stokes your leg you may feel a little freaked out, you will soon get used to swimming in a back to nature environment.

If you are looking to go for a meal or a drink rather than a dip, check out some of Austin’s bars and Restaurants, with misters in full effect at many Austin establishments you can enjoy a fine cool mist to keep you cool while you relax outside, and of course there will always be A/C going in every place you visit.

There are of course a few ways to do both, you can easily rent a boat out on Lake Austin and go for a swim, or maybe rent out a slightly cheaper rubber tube and float down the Guadeloupe River!

One of my favorite ways to stay entertained in the heat of austin is head down to the Alamo Draughthouse, where you can watch a movie, eat some great food and have a refreshing drink in A/C controlled bliss!

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Austin Tours on your iPhone

Austin is a fantastic city to visit, but with so much to see sometimes it can be hard to find exactly what you want.  The good news is that with TouringZ you can easily find some fantastic Austin tours on your iPhone.

With TouringZ iPhone guided tours you can find some fantastic deals, but if you are living in Austin you may want to check out the Austin special edition, 365 Austin, for more tours, and some great tools to help you find the very best things to do in Austin!

365 Austin edition adds more to the original TouringZ app with some features designed to help you navigate one of the most weird and wonderful cities in America.

With the Austin edition of 365 ThingZ to Do Austin you can not only take some fantastic tours around the city of Austin, but you can also find what you want to do based on your location. With 365 Austin’s GPS tracking you can sort and filter the kind of entertainment you want based on where you are in the city.  If you want some food in a moderately priced restaurant for instance, you can quickly find the closest ones to choose from!

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Austin Trailer Parks iPhone Guided Tours

Austin might have become famous for it’s music, but there is little doubt in anyones mind that one of the things that you must do in Austin is visit some of the fantastic trailer park eateries that are scattered around this amazing city. The trailer parks in Austin vary greatly. Whether you want a bahn mi, and Indian curry, a Texan burger or fish and chips, there are food carts in Austin which will be glad to serve you the delicacy that you desire.

The Austin trailer park eateries are scattered all over the city of Austin and vary immensely in price, quality and style.  While many of the original Austin trailer parks and food carts retain their low cost, high quality ethos, there have been a few trailer parks spring up in recent times which are more ‘hipster’ to use the local terminology.  These are not cheap, and while some of them may be pretty good, there are plenty where you may as well be in a restaurant.

Using an iPhone guided tour you can fidn some of the best trailer parks in Austin, including

  • Izzo’s Tacos
  • Torchy’s Tacos
  • Lula B’s
  • and G’raj Mahal

All of these provide great eating and some great experiences!

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The Top 3 Travel Tips

With my top 3 travel tips I will be giving you three fantastic pieces of travel advice which will help you find even more great experiences on your holidays, and keep you a little bit safer.

When you go to different parts of the world, be it a new city, a new state, or even a new country, you always have to be a little bit more careful. While there are some amazing places out there to visit, there are also those people who are willing to exploit those who are disorientated in a new city.

With my Top 3 travel tips I will show you how to avoid the pickpockets, and find the very best in every place you visit.

My first tip is all about how you act in a new place. The best advice I can give anyone when traveling is to try not to act like a tourist. This might seem simple enough, but many people don’t realize how some little mannerisms can give them away.

The best way to avoid looking like a tourist is to learn about where you are planning to visit, learn a few of the streets names around where you are staying so you can walk around comfortably. Make sure that you know enough to not rely on a guide book as you tour a new city.

This leads on to my second tip, buy a guide! While you shouldn’t use a guide in public, using a guide book in moderation, or using a tool such as an iPhone guided tour app will help you find some of the hidden secrets in every city, while avoiding the things that are not worth your precious traveling time.   While using a personal tour or a guidebook in each city can be fun, it can also get expensive.  iPhone tour guides on the other hand are incredibly cheap, and you get GPS guided tours around some of the world’s most famous cities!

My third and final tip is meet the locals. The locals really can tell you how to avoid the tourist crowds, and instead find the real side of the city that the locals love so much! Whether it is at the bar, or down at the park, talk to people! You would be surprised at just how much people are willing to tell you about their city if you just show a little interest in it!


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Austin Guided Tours

It can be hard to cherry pick the best places to visit in Austin Texas. While the city has a relatively small population, it is spread over a massive area, and to truly see it all you really do need a little guidance.  Austin guided tours for your iPhone can help guide you around this expansive city, helping you explore the real jewels the city has to offer, without spending days looking for it all!

Whether you want to visit the beautiful Capitol building, the rowdy 6th street, or the tasty Torchy’s Tacos, having a tool to take you from one spot to another with a  tour to suit your tastes will help you get the most out of your visit to Austin. If you have recently moved to Austin then this guide will be even more useful, since you can take tours created by locals to find where you can hang out with the real residents of Austin, while avoiding the tourist crowds.

Using iPhone guided tours is a great way to tour around a city, without paying extortionate amounts for tour guides or guide books.

There are some spots tat you really do need to find in Austin, whether you use an Austin Guided Tours or not.

The Austin Capitol Building

The capitol of Texas is larger than the Capitol of Washington D.C. and even more impressive.  Filled with historical portraits you can wander around this amazing building, and even observe political meetings in progress!

South Congress and 6th Street

These two streets combine a lively night life with some fantastic local shopping. If you are in Austin for the first Thursday of the month make sure you check out South Congress for some great outdoor local markets.

Trailer Parks

There are plenty of trailer parks scattered around the Austin area. Make sure you check some of these out for nearly any style of cuisine you can imagine, from fish and chips to delicious tacos.

Remember to explore this wonderful city for more amazing hidden treasures!

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365 Austin ThingZ to Do at SXSW 2011

The fantastic iPhone guided tours app 365 Austin ThingZ to do arrived at SXSWi 2011 in full force, and will be helping the festival goers find the very best of Austin over the rest of the festival.  Whether you want food or entertainment, 365 Austin can help you find the very best things to do in Austin. With austin being as spread out as it is, it can sometimes be difficult to break yourself from the downtown action at SXSW, but with our fantastic guide you will be able to find a few hidden jewels in this amazingly diverse city.

If you are looking for Austin Texas things to do then the iPhone guided tours provided by 365 Austin are the perfect way to explore the city at SXSW, or any time of the year.

With 365 Austin ThingZ to Do you will easily be able to search for things to do in Austin based on your location, what you want to do, and many other factors to make sure you have the most fun possible while you are in Austin.

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365 Austin ThingZ to Do

Austin is by far one of the coolest cities in America and whether you are a local or a tourist, you will find plenty to do.  The problem with Austin is that there is quite literally too much to do.  Finding the best things in this spread out city can be difficult, and if you are not careful you might end up in some of the areas that the locals know need to be avoided.

365 Austin Thingz to do gives you hundreds of things to to do in Austin, and since it is written by local Austin resident Kristy Owen, you will be able to neatly sidestep the tourist nightmares, and instead find out why so many people love living in this amazing metropolis.

365 ThingZ to Do Austin is more than just a simple iPhone guided tours app. It also incorporates a highly sortable list function which allows you to quickly find somewhere to go based on your location, and several sorts and filters. Whether you want a restaurant that is suitable for children, or an action packed bar. You will be able to find the best location that is nearest to you or the perfect Austin city tour.

This brilliant iPhone tours app will give you more than just locations, it will also give you some of the best tours in Austin.  365 Austin ThingZ to Do provides you with some fantastic iPhone guided tours from the original TouringZ app. With these tours you can easily see some of the sites that Austin has to offer, and explore the city by touring around the kind of things that you want to visit.


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San Francisco iPhone Guided Tours

San Francisco iPhone Guided Tours

San Francisco iPhone Guided Tours

San Francisco is one of the world’s greatest renowned cities, from famous songs, to expansive bridges, San Francisco has a lot to offer. As well as being a city with a lot in it, the people of San Francisco help keep this amazing city live, with a vibrant mix of culture, and a huge art and music scene.  Unfortunately it is not always easy to explore this huge city without a little help.

An iPhone guided tour app can vastly improve your enjoyment of this wonderful city, taking you around some of the best areas in one of America’s funnest cities. If you are looking for entertainment, culture, or history, the San Francisco iPhone Guided tour can show you it all.

Using an iPhone guided tour can help show you the real side of San Fransisco, including parts of this amazing town which most tourists never get to see. By taking an audio tour on your iPhone using GPS tracking you can find even the most out of the way attractions quickly and easily. The best part is that with the inbuilt GPS guided tours on your iPhone, you will never get lost!

San Francisco has a huge amount of things to do, so don’t waste time searching if you are visiting this golden city, use an iPhone tour app to get you around the best spots in SF!

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